Modern Japanese Restaurant

Modern Japanese Restaurant

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Kategori: İç Mimarlık Kitapları , Banyo ve Mutfak Dekorasyonu

Kargo Süres: 3-4 iş günü

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Showcases IMAGES' strong talent for mining architectural gems from around the globe Provides a definitive statement of contemporary interior design in the Japanese dining space, which has international reach to a wide audience across a huge market Covers a range of contemporary projects (the majority have been accomplished in the last 24 months) offering a varied approach to modern perspectives of Japanese interior design The majority of projects are from well-known architects or design studios based in Japan, such as Kengo Kuma & Associates, Nendo, Super Potato, etc. Showcases a collection that is inspirational and a strong reference for architects, restaurateurs, and interior designers, and all who are directly involved in the epicurian industries Features rich, full-color photography of beautiful restaurants to entice and inspire readers With the global popularity of Japanese cuisine, it's no surprise that Japanese restaurants also embody this country s unique culture and aesthetics, and many modern Japanese restaurants have sprung up all over the world. Interior design in Japan both inherits its architectural legacy and absorbs the ideas from modern design. This book, Modern Japanese Restaurant comprises numerous types of contemporary interior designs of Japanese restaurants in recent years, exploring a wide variety of styles and types, including the izayaka, sushi bar, and café. The design case studies that feature in this beautiful book are hoped to inspire interior designers and all those who are engaged in designing the Japanese style restaurant.

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