Cemal Emden Mimari Fotoğraflar

Cemal Emden Mimari Fotoğraflar

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Cemal Emden, an architectural photographer whose work has won critical acclaim publishes yet another exclusive book under the aegis of VitrA. His photographs, which usually depict a project, describe a building or reflect an architectural culture are now abstracted from structures to be brought to the public light for their visual qualities alone in the new book Cemal Emden: Architectural Photography. The book includes commentary on Emden’s artistic approach by architects with whom the photographer has worked for a long time now: Ali Hızıroğlu, Atilla Kuzu, Aydan Volkan, Can Çinici, Cem Sorguç, Enis Öncüoğlu, Erkut Şahinbaş, Ertuğ Uçar, Kerem Erginoğlu and Semra Uygur. The book comprises of the three chapters Form Finding, Material Experimentation and Time Lapse, which unite around the notion of “Leadership”. The first chapter focuses on buildings that were pioneers of form. The second chapter includes buildings that distinguish by the use of material and the application of detail. The last chapter focuses on buildings whose spatial and life enhancing qualities allow them to spearhead contemporary architectural production. Each section opens with an interview that Hülya Ertaş conducted with Cemal Emden that gradually reveals his working process and methods to the reader.

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