Masterpieces : Courtyard Architecture+ Desgi/Braun

Masterpieces : Courtyard Architecture+ Desgi/Braun

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Kategori: Peyzaj Mimarlığı Kitapları , Peyzaj Tasarımı

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Utopian models for urban planning have noticeably declined in popularity since the late 1970s, and their decline has led to the neglect of vestigial social pilot projects--simple leisure facilities like parks and public swimming pools. Austrian photographer Isabella Hollauf (born 1956) traces a changing value system by visiting these orphaned sites, contrasting former utopian hopes with the dismal reality of today's less ambitious aspirations. Courtyards are among the most versatile elements of architectural design. With their wide range of sizes and shapes, they are integral components of every conceivable type of constructional project. Some are reserved for private use while others serve the general public. Their main function consists of structuring a building and providing illumination and ventilation to dense spatial depths. Beyond that, they provide a defined and protected outdoor space that in itself is part of the architectural or landscape design. Based on selected case studies, this volume presents the design diversity of courtyards, focusing in particular on their expedient multifaceted use. Mimarlık, grafik tasarım ve sanat gibi birbirinden farklı kategorilerde yüzlerce kitap için tıklayın!

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